You Are Loved


Love is all around us. Love lives ubiquitously. Love is always there for us, yet we are often blind to it. We must look for Love not just in those closest to us but everywhere. Often we choose people from whom we desire Love, yet they are incapable of providing us with the kind of Love we need. Many times these people are family members or close friends. We think if they don’t love us then we are not lovable. The secret is this, even close friends and family members do not know the beautiful destiny that is in store for us.  We are not defined by our actions, “mistakes”, or others’ opinions. Love comes from nature, a smile, or even an encouraging word from a stranger.

                           You Were Born To Love


Every single person is born with gifts and talents with which to love the world. Many don’t realize why they are so motivated to share their gifts. Why, if people are great chefs, singers, dancers, artists, or comedians, do they want to share their talent with those they don’t even know? Why is it that scientists are motivated to find cures for diseases? Why do firemen risk their lives to save someone they have never met? It is because they were born to love with their gifts and passions.


The key is to identify, accept, and embrace your gifts and talents and to use them to love. It is the power of loving yourself that reveals and releases those gifts.






                                Love Is an Action


Love is an action and then the feeling follows. We   make the decision first to love and then we act on our decision. Our life can at times feel out of our control but we can take back power when we choose to love ourselves and others. The action of Love can take many forms and we must be open to unique ways of loving ourselves and others.





           Accepting Yourself and Others


Love knows nothing other than acceptance, as acceptance is an innate part of Love. Love does not distinguish; it accepts effortlessly. Love never tries to change a person. Love through acceptance is what gives another person the freedom and power to change. This applies to loving ourselves as well. Love through acceptance of ourselves will enable us to develop into the people we aspire to be with little or no effort. We have certain standards we have set for ourselves. Some have been imposed by family members, some by friends, some are self-imposed. If and when we don’t meet those standards, we must still accept ourselves and love ourselves knowing that we are perfectly loved exactly as we are, now, at this moment, today. We are each unique and we are in the waiting to see how we will love the world with our gifts and talents that are yet to be revealed. We are patient and we are accepting.






                Forgiving Yourself and Others


Love gives us the power to forgive. Forgiveness is a decision. Once we make the decision, the feeling will follow. Unforgiveness towards ourselves and others will affect all relationships in our lives and cause hopelessness and anxiety.  So, we must first start with recognizing unforgiveness towards ourselves. The moment we recognize this, we must speak out loud, “I forgive you”. We will see how miraculously the feeling of forgiveness follows the action of speaking it out. We find that this method also works just as well in forgiving

others. Some people can be toxic for us to be around and should be avoided, but we can still forgive them from a distance. It is miraculous and freeing!




                     Loving Yourself and Others


We have found the secret! Every time we make a good choice for ourselves, we love ourselves more. The feeling of Love follows the action of Love. We must believe that this is true and be excited to make good choices. It is not a chore, it is a privilege with positive consequences. Love for ourselves opens the door to our future and destiny. We will begin to recognize our gifts and talents as we grow in confidence.



   Listening to the Still Small Voice of Love


The still small voice of Love is a voice that has always been there. It spoke to us sweetly when we were very young. It whispered our dreams to us, and filled us with hope for our future. The inner voice of Love speaks to us gently and leads us through a feeling of peace. It encourages us, forgives us, and tells us that our dreams can come true. As we let the voice of Love speak louder than our negative thoughts, our unique gifts and talents will be revealed and we will be filled with hope for our future.





          Recognizing Guilt and Shame


We must aspire to living a life free from guilt and shame. There is absolutely no purpose for it in our lives. It is the source of depression and anxiety. Shame and guilt will sneak up on us when we are scorned by a parent, friend, or stranger. It will sneak up on us when we don’t meet a standard we have set for ourselves. Many of us need to change our standards and what we expect of ourselves. We must allow ourselves to “fail” and then gently forgive and love ourselves. We all make mistakes, we are not perfect. We are imperfect people who are perfectly loved. We must love ourselves, forgive ourselves, and accept ourselves as soon as we recognize shame and guilt. We do not let it take root. Perfect Love is there for us.




Discovering Your Dreams and Passions


Love is what will reveal to us our true passions, desires, gifts, talents and dreams. Though we may doubt that we possess any gifts, we will soon discover them as we grow in Love for ourselves.  It will become easier and easier to find treasures within us as we stop listening to what others think of us and listen more and more to the still small voice of Love within us.

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