"It is hard to put into words what Live to Love to Live has done for me. There is not anything tangible I can talk about. Live to Love to Live has given me a power. I am now constantly surrounded with a spirit of hope and love. I have so much love for myself and the people around me. This has made everything I do easier and more meaningful. I notice love in so many different ways that I was closed off to before. Live to Love to Live has taught me just how powerful love is and everything it can do. Love is a freeing spirit that has carried me through difficulties and has also celebrated my victories."

-Amanda, age 17

"Live to Love to Live helped me learn that no one is alone. Everyone is going through something, they just might not show it. This program helped me learn to love and accept myself for who I am."

-Elena, age 15

Our Definition of Love

Love accepts you exactly the way you are and does not wait until you change. Love forgives you perfectly, completely, and continually. Love does not demand anything from you. Instead, Love sees your future, purpose, and destiny. Love does not test, Love does not judge, Love does not punish. Love is never angry. Love catalyzes hope and causes you to believe in something better, something greater. Love gives you the feeling that at any moment something great and unexpected could happen. Love has the power to heal you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Love frees you from the cares of the world and from what people think of you. It frees you from hopelessness, depression, fear, jealousy, and loneliness. Love protects you from those who would harm you with their judgements and words. Love teaches you by gently carrying you through difficult times and causing you to somehow come out stronger and more confident than ever before. Love is simple and pure. It has no agenda and expects nothing in return.