Discover Your Life Through The Power of Love

                                             How It Works

"Live to Love to Live has given me a different perspective on the world, a better one where I can love myself and others easier than I had before. I have also made many friends in the program, and we all bonded together on what was hurting us and we have learned not to judge each other or those around us. I was able to make a smooth transition into high school with the new friends I made. Live to Love to Live has changed my life for the better and I can't imagine my life without it."

-Lily, age 15

"The biggest impact Live to Love to Live has had on my life was learning how to forgive myself and others. By learning how to let love into my life, I became a happier, more confident person. I've also been able to use what I have learned to help others and make a significant impact in their lives as well."

-Makalia, age 19

Live to Love to Live® meetings are for all who desire to be peacefully empowered through love for themselves and others. As we learn to accept, love, and forgive ourselves and others, feelings of anxiety and hopelessness will be replaced by hope, joy, purpose, and light heartedness. We will discover our unique dreams and passions and be filled with belief that we can accomplish anything through Love.

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